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Christ The King Catholic Primary School A Voluntary Academy

To live, to love, to serve in the light of Christ the King


Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator is Miss E Riggs.

You can contact her by email:

or via the school office on 0113 2579230


SEND Statement

At Christ the King Catholic Primary School we acknowledge Christ as the centre of our community and believe that inclusion cannot be separated from this principle. We believe that a positive approach to special educational needs and disability based on love, mutual respect and support reflected in our mission statement “To live, to love, serve in the light of Christ the King” will equip children with the necessary skills and experiences to achieve their full potential. This will in turn create a more inclusive learning and teaching environment.


If you have any concerns about your child, please contact school or Miss Riggs via e-mail so a meeting can be arranged to put in any additional support your child might need. All children are different; some may need a little support at different times of their school life while others might need support throughout their education to ensure they reach their potential. Working together in partnership with parents and carers we can maximise the opportunities for a child to learn and grow so that they can achieve and be happy in school life.


If additional support is ever needed parents/carers can use:


Local Offer

Please click here to access information on the Leeds Local Offer

SEND information report 2022/2023

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy