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First Holy Communion

A Message from Father Neil, 25th September 2020

Arrangements are now being made for those children who last year were in Year 4 (now Year 5) to receive their First Holy Communion. As you would expect, due to the current pandemic, it will be necessary for changes to be made to the way in which the preparation programme is delivered, though children will still be required to come to Mass regularly with their family. Details of how to attend Mass can be found on both the school and parish websites.  

Letters will be sent home from school this coming week to the parents of all those children who enrolled for First Holy Communion, to find out if you wish your child to continue with their sacramental preparation. Once the replies have been received, we will send out detailed information about how the programme will work. First Holy Communion will be celebrated in a properly safe and distanced way when the children have completed their preparation.