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Magnificent Maths at Christ the King


Maths Week

The week beginning January 28th 2019 saw the whole school involved in Maths investigations and activities, using their reasoning and problem solving skills. 

Year 5 and Year 6 very much enjoyed measuring out ingredients for baking, and for some this was the first time they had made their own cakes.  Year 2 visited Pizza Express to learn all about quantities, measures and fractions.  All classes had a visit from CSI Maths to put their maths skills to the test.


We invited families to join us for our Maths Open Morning and the children loved sharing all their learning with their parents and carers. It was lovely to see them completing some joint maths activities with family members.

Maths Displays


Maths has really taken off at CTK with a corridors full of 'marvellous and mind-blowing'  Maths displays. 




Maths Challenge Areas

We have developed 'Maths Challenge' areas in all classrooms so that the children can independently challenge themselves with mathematical problems. 

The Year 6 pupils think this is a great idea. Adam said, "The challenge area really supports the maths we have just done in our class." Joe added, "We can now do some fun Maths whenever we have a few moments."

 Maths Award


Everybody wants to win the new weekly Maths Award presented in Friday's Celebration Assembly. Winner Fabian felt very happy to win the award because it showed he had improved his listening skills in maths, while. Lucy was proud to have her efforts recognised.


Maths is fun!..........Maths is fun!..........Maths is fun!..........Maths is fun!..........