Sweatshirts, polo shirts and cardigans, all with the school crest, are available from     Jamali, 61 Town Street, Armley, or online at tesco.com/ues



          Boys                                                  Girls

         Grey tailored trousers                        Grey skirt/pinafore dress

         White polo shirt                                 or grey tailored trousers

                                                                  White Polo shirt

                                                                 (Summer: red/white gingham dress)

         Maroon pullover or sweatshirt            Maroon cardigan or sweatshirt

         Grey socks                                         Grey socks

         Black shoes                                        Black shoes


       No trainers are to be worn in school.


         P E  Kit : Boys and Girls

      For indoor P.E. all children should wear a T-shirt in the colour of their team and black shorts.

      Feet should be bare, unless there are medical reasons for needing footwear.

      For outdoor P.E. all children should wear warm, comfortable, appropriate clothing, with

     footwear suited to the occasion.