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Regular attendance at school is essential for your child to make progress.

If they have an unavoidable hospital, dental, or other appointment then please let the school office know in advance.

If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please let us know as soon as possible on the first day of absence by telephoning, calling in or sending a note with another parent. If we do not receive a message, we will text you to find out why your child is away (to make sure they are safe) and, if we still do not hear from you, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.

Recent amendments to the Education Regulations 2006 about attendance have made it clear that all absences apart from unavoidable emergencies or illness must be authorised in advance by the Headteacher. Requests must be made using the Exceptional Leave Form, which can be downloaded here. Requests for holidays in term time will NOT be authorised in any circumstances.

We check and follow up on any patterns of absence and lateness. You may be fined if your child doesn't attend school regularly.


Make sure that your child attends school on time!


The school day begins at 8.55 am and finishes at 3.15 pm.


Children who are late and arrive after 9.00am must come into school through the main entrance so that they can be signed in. We expect everybody to arrive on time, but remember - it's better to be late than to take the day off!


We have sent out letters to parents regarding the importance of punctuality. You can read them here.


 Food for thought!

This week's class with the best attendance are

We appreciate that children do get ill. However, if your child has a sniffle or a bit of a sore throat, they can still come into school.  We advise that you give them some medication in the morning if they need it and then, if you let us know, we will always contact you if they are continuing to feel unwell at school.

CLASSOPOLY leaders are Year 6.

The class with the best attendance overall in 2018 - 2019 and CLASSOPOLY Champions were Year 4 (current Y5)

Meet our 100% attenders 2018 - 2019!

Congratulations from Agnes and Arthur, our Attendance Ardvaarks!

Arthur's career at Christ the King got off to a shaky start! Read his letter to Miss Clark here.