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Photo Galleries 2021 - 2022

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Generosity and Faithfulness Class - Reading Buddies   May 18th

Patience Class - National Numeracy Day    May 18th

Mini Vinnies at the Good Shepherd Mass   May 13th

Peace Class Science - Investigating Water Resistance   May 12th

Music and Movement Club   May 9th

Joy Class PE   May 9th

Kindness Class Ascension Paintings     May 9th

World Maths Day  May 5th  (Play)

Faithfulness Class Final Morning Booster    4th May

Patience Class  Skipping Festival     4th May

Kindness Class Creating Habitats    29th April

Patience Class Skipping Practice   29th April

Singing with Diocese of Leeds Music    28th April

Joy Class  Ian the Palaeontologist    28th April

Peace Class  Other Faiths Week - Islam    27th April

After School Clubs    25th April

Peace Class PE  25th April

Faithfulness Class PE   22nd April 

Joy Class  Classroom Kitchen   22nd April

Patience Class  Tiny the Turtle   21st April

Kindness Class  Ball Skills in PE   21st April

Kindness Class  Science   21st April

Joy Class 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'   21st April

Faithfulness Class  100 Words Reading Challenge   wc  18th April

Joy Class exploring the snow   31st March

Patience Class Visit from Yorkshire Water   18th March

Joy Class at Temple Newsam Farm   17th March

Kindness Class at Harlow Carr   16th March

Peace Class at Mount St Mary's Dress Rehearsal   March 15th

St Patrick's Day Parade     March 13th

Patience Class Skipping School    March 9th

Hymn Practice with Mr Bruce    4th March

Ash Wednesday Mass with Holy Family    2nd March

KS1 Archery Club  2nd March

Joy Class with the Horniman Museum via Zoom - the UK's biggest dinosaur!   2nd March

Generosity Class at the Marks and Spencer Archive   16th February

Valentine's Day  Messages of Kindness and Friendship  14th February

Generosity Class designing an avatar     9th February

Generosity Class cleaning their teeth   8th February

NSPCC Number Day  4th February  (Play)

Showcasing our 'Beyond the Physical' programme to staff from the Albion Foundation   3rd February

Peace Class Music Lesson with Thomas Leech from Diocese of Leeds Music   2nd February

Year 1/2 find out about Scotland as part of their Geography topic  28th January

Year 6 working with Beyond the Physical   28th January

Staff Nativity  17th December

Year 6 working with Burley Banksy  13th December

Year 6 Bikeability  wc 18th October

Den Building wc 18th October

Praying a Decade of the Rosary with Children Across the World  18th October

Y2  Phonics Booster Club  5th October

Faithfulness Class - Place Value  wc September 6th

Generosity Class - tagtiv8  wc September 6th

Kindness Class - London Landmarks  wc September 6th

Joy Class - Settling In!  wc September 6th