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Our Class Saints

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Reception  / Year 1          St Patrick

Feast Day:  March 17th 
Patron of Ireland
Birth: 387
Death: 461

You can find out more about St Patrick here .

Year 1/2            St Gregory the Great

Feast Day: September 3rd
Patron: Musicians; singers; students; teachers

Birth 540

Death: 604

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Year 3            St Therese of Lisieux

Feast Day: October 1st
Patron of the Missions

Birth 1873
Death: 1897

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Year 4            St Gemma

Feast Day: April 11th
Patron of Students; Pharmacists; against temptations; against the death of parents; against tuberculosis

Birth: 1878
Death: April 11th 1903

You can find out more about St Gemma here.

Year 5            St Paul

Feast Day: June 29th
Patron of missions; Theologians; Gentile Christians

Birth: 5 AD
Death: 67 AD

You can find out more about St Paul here .

Year 6            St Oscar Romero

Feast Day:  March 24th
Patron of Christian communicators; El Salvador; The Americas; Archdiocese of San Salvador; persecuted  Christians; Caritas International (co-patron)


Birth: 15th August 1917
Death: 24th March 1980

Visit the Archbishop Romero Trust website.

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